Evaluation of muscular health in an elderly population.

Muscular health

As individuals age, maintaining muscular health becomes crucial due to the increased risk of falls and reduced physical activity due to muscle and strength loss.

” Muscular health monitoring system”

Researchers from Japan have developed a practical, accessible muscular health monitoring system. It uses phase angle measurements, which can significantly promote overall well-being for the older population. An assessment of muscle health is one of the new health concerns brought about by the ageing population.

As stated by Professor Ryota Akagi from the Shibaura Institute of Technology,

The loss of muscle mass and strength could lead to a higher risk of falls, inactivity, confinement to bed, and metabolic problems

While actively exploring methods to quickly and non-invasively assess muscle response and coordination.

Now, Prof. Akagi, along with Dr. Kosuke Hirata from the University of Tsukuba; Dr. Yosuke Yamada from the National Institutes of Biomedical Innovation, Health, and Nutrition, and Dr. Tsukasa Yoshida from the National Institutes of Biomedical Innovation, have demonstrated that bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA). It is a technique for assessing body composition and can also measure voluntary and evoked muscle contractions.

BIA measures impedance through a safe electrical current, revealing resistance and reactance. Higher resistance indicates healthier cell membranes, while larger angles indicate higher muscle content, and vice versa.

According to Assistant Professor Hirata,

 We aimed to clarify the association of phase angle obtained from the leg using BIA with voluntary muscle strength, twitch contractile properties, and neuromuscular activity

The findings revealed that leg phase angle can predict muscle contractile properties. With larger individuals exhibiting better muscle function and force generation. However, neuromuscular activity did not correlate with it.

As the population ages, diseases like sarcopenia, which causes muscle loss, become more common. A little insight into muscular health will help people take preventative action. And allow nations to create policies that give older people’s muscular health priority.


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