Eating Alone Linked to Increased Risk for Heart Diseases

Eating alone
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The recent advancements in technology have gardened innumerable benefits. Yet somehow, they have anesthetized us socially and emotionally. From trimming endless expressions to a few short sentences, to conforming our relationships to uphold to the virtual trends, we have immersed ourselves in technology irreversibly. And so it’s no surprise to see ‘eating alone’ becoming a popular practice. But is it Bad?

Studies have shown eating alone may add to the risk of heart diseases in older people especially women.

Older women are more prone to developing a heart disease because of a drop in their estrogen levels post-menopause. According to a new study, solitary eating in such women puts them at even greater risk for developing a heart disease. When eating alone, people tend to eat faster that leads to obesity, an increased BMI and a higher risk for cardiovascular diseases (CVDs). Just like the previous studies, this study gives an insight into the impact of solitary eating on a woman’s cardiovascular health. However, it stands out by providing actual statistics on ‘eating alone’ and the prevalence of CVD in older women.

Published in The North American Menopause Society’s own journal, Menopause, this study revealed that older women who ate alone were 2.58 times more prone to developing angina. The study population subsumed 600 menopausal women. It showed that most of them who ate alone lacked adequate nutritional education. Their nutritional intake did not follow the recommended allowances for various nutrients. This made them more vulnerable to heart diseases.

The Reason Behind a Growing Trend Of Solitary Eating

COVID-19 pandemic and its social distancing protocols have greatly contributed to this increasing trend. Furthermore, an increase in the concept of nuclear household is perhaps the biggest reason behind “solitary eating” gaining magnitude. Not to mention, online portals for food delivery are an important cause too.

The Bottom Line

Many other studies have also shown the negative effects of eating alone. They have linked it to obesity and increased risk for cardiovascular diseases. Most of them have also shown how it affects the mental health which in turn adds to the risk for heart diseases.


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