Case Of Glass Bottle In The Rectum

X-ray abdomen showing foreign body
  • Foreign objects within the rectum are found quite infrequently.
  • Majority of the objects found are either introduced through the anus or sometimes swallowed, passing through the gastrointestinal tract.
  • This can be a challenge to clinical management and is known for potential complications.

A 44-year-old male patient presented to the emergency with a glass bottle in the rectum with a 1-day history of bleeding. He failed multiple times while trying to retrieve the bottle from his rectum and eventually decided to report to the hospital. He gave a history of inserting objects into his rectum for sexual gratification.

On examination, the patient’s vital signs were normal. The abdomen appeared soft on palpation and the foreign body could not be palpated. Radiograph of the abdomen showed the bottle located in the lower abdomen and pelvis. A digital rectal examination was performed for further evaluation which showed the base of the glass bottle.

The base of the bottle had become slippery because of mucous coating the surface, therefore, it could not be removed manually. In addition, the bottle could not be manipulated upside down because of the large size of the rectum. After multiple unsuccessful attempts, the patient was placed in a lithotomy position (commonly used during childbirth and surgery of the pelvic area) and asked to bear down as if he were pushing faeces. Before the procedure, he was administered IV analgesic. The bottom of the bottle was grabbed with an obstetrics forceps when it was visible at the anal verge. The bottle was removed using gentle traction.

Post-removal rectal examination and sigmoidoscopy did not show any colorectal injury except for minor anal tears. No major anal tears were visible and his recovery period was uneventful.


Case of Unusual Foreign Body in the Rectum

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