Case of an Idaho man who was impaled by a 40-pound spear!


Justin F. was building a fence when a hay bale spear attachment fell off a loader. It pierced his back and went out through his stomach.

“I felt something hit me and I went to the ground, I looked up and I was looking around to find out what had happened, and I saw that belt tine sticking through me and into the ground.”
He was flown to a medical centre and underwent a four-hour operation to remove the spear and repair internal injuries. The patient was discharged only 2 weeks after the accident and is expected to make a full recovery.

While you would expect an accident like this to cause immediate death, some lucky people have been known to survive. If the object happens to miss vital organs, arteries or your spinal cord, doctors may be able to remove it and repair internal damage quickly enough to keep the patient alive.”


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