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100 Orgasms a Day!

Source: metro.co.uk

While it’s no less than a dream for other people to get easy erections and perfectly-timed multiple orgasms; for Dale Decker, it was a nightmare.

This man developed a routine of 40 abrupt erections and around 100 orgasms each day. Bad thing, his drill was no way near a gratifying experience.

The Firsts In Line

The firsts of them rolled in when he suffered from a slip disc in 2012. The subluxated disc led to a permanent hyper-stimulation of his pelvic area. He faced 5 orgasms while being rushed to a hospital.

Father of two kids, Dale was diagnosed having Persistent Genital Arousal Syndrome (PGAS).

Painful Orgasms

Dale’s rare condition breezed in quite some inconveniences for him. Apart from being painful, the orgasms and erections were utterly unpredictable. They’d start randomly in a park. Dale even had to face serious embarrassment on his father’s funeral following such an episode.

His social life suffered a significant blow as the fear of public humiliation took over and he stopped stepping outside his home. It even affected Dale’s relationship with his sons. However, after an initial spell of embarrassment and fear, he embraced his condition. It was in 2016, he started spreading awareness on PGAS.

A Switch Of Genders

After discussing his condition with his doctors, Dale decided to emerge as a transgender, a part of his treatment plan.

Source: metro.co.uk

He now takes female hormones consistently. Although this hasn’t entirely set things back to normal, the therapy has reduced the number of orgasms to eight per day.

Dale, now Christine Decker, fights a war against his natural desires, EVERYDAY.





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