Thursday, September 24, 2020
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The Gloves That Speak

Wearble sensors to translate sign language The American sign language (ASL) evolved as a natural language for...

Ozone Gas- A New Hope For Treating Chronic Wounds

In the United States alone, 6 million people are victims of chronic wounds and associated infections. Over time, with the judicious...

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Brain Abscess Secondary To Tooth Infection

65-year-old patient with a history of prostate carcinoma reported to the hospital with generalised epileptic seizures. Imaging showed intracerebral abscess secondary to...

Amputations Of The Toes After Fish Spa!

The famous Thai fish spa went wrong! Who doesn't fantasize about vacations? Especially when it is Thailand!

Roberts Syndrome: Absence of vital skeletal components

Roberts Syndrome is an extremely rare disorder. The first case of Roberts Syndrome was reported in 1919. So far only 17 cases...

Man Lives A Miracle, Survives Fatal Gunshot Wound

A 21-year-old African American male reported to the trauma centre with a single gunshot wound to the posterior chest. The wound resulted...