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Severe influenza A virus infection

Severe Influenza A Virus Infection

Case of severe influenza A virus infection complicated by myositis, refractory rhabdomylosis and compartment syndrome. This article describes the case of a 35-year-old woman with...
First case of allergic reaction to the Pfizer vaccine in the U.S.

Allergic Reaction to Pfizer Vaccine Reported in the U.S.

An Alaskan healthcare worker in the U.S suffered an allergic reaction minutes after receiving the Pfizer vaccine.Two people in the U.K. have also reported...
fungal infections

Vaccination Against Fatal Fungal Infections: A New Hope!

Scientists are making a vaccine expected to be the first immunization against invasive fungal infections. Moreover, although it has only been tested on animals...

FeMV Virus in Cat Kidenys Can Attack Humans – Explained!

Virologists from the University of Pittsburgh Center for Vaccine Research reverse-engineered an evasive virus. The virus causes chronic kidney disease in cats. Furthermore, the...
cardiac tissues

How COVID-19 Damages The Cardiac Tissues Revealed!

The researchers at the University of Queensland discovered how COVID-19 damages the heart. Their discovery has opened doors to future treatments. The initial cohort...

Ghana Suspects Marburg Virus Disease Cases

The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported two suspected cases of Ebola-like Marburg virus disease in Ghana. The Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research in...

Cygnus Kit: Low-Cost Dengue Diagnosis

Cygnus detects dengue fever in contrast to lateral flow testing. The new research shows how capable smartphone powered tests are for Dengue Fever. A paper...
anterior uveitis

Anterior Uveitis After Pfizer-BioNTech Vaccination

Anterior Uveitis 72 hours after Pfizer Vaccine: Two Cases The FDA approved the emergency use of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine to prevent COVID-19. The administrative doses...

WHO Announces Monkeypox Outbreak as Cases Spread Worldwide

With monkeypox cases emerging across 12 countries in the world, the World Health Organization (WHO) has now declared it an outbreak. As of 21st May,...

A Case of Monkeypox Emerges in England

According to UKHSA, the individual infected with monkeypox is currently under isolation at St Thomas’ Hospital in London, England. Since the first case in 1970,...