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Universal Flu Vaccine Offers Broad Protection

 A team of researchers at Georgia State University have developed a universal flu vaccine that protects against several influenza A virus subtypes. In a study...

Flu Vaccine Protects Against COVID-19, Says Study

According to a large-scale study, the flu vaccine protects against the development of adverse outcomes in COVID-19 positive patients. In recent months, multiple studies have...

Flu Vaccine Linked to Less Severe COVID cases

New research has found evidence of the flu vaccine causing reduced numbers and less severe COVID cases. In the past, a plethora of false information...

An All-Encompassing Swine Flu Vaccine

Using an algorithm, researchers have designed a swine flu vaccine candidate that showed protection against a dozen flu strains. Pigs are termed 'mixing vessel' of...

Can A Flu Vaccine Help Fight Cancer?

When it comes to cancer tumors, there are many factors that influence whether a treatment will work or not. In recent years, immunotherapy which...
flu shot

Moderna Develops Two in One Vaccine with a COVID and Flu Booster

Moderna has announced a new single-dose vaccine that is a combination of a COVID-19 booster and a booster against seasonal flu. Today we are announcing...

A “Universal” Influenza Vaccine

Influenza (or the “flu”) is a respiratory infectious disease caused by a group of pathogens called influenza viruses. Common symptoms include fever, sore throat,...

FDA Has Approved Updated COVID-19 Vaccines

The FDA has given approval to update Moderna and Pfizer mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccines. They are hoping to combat the latest SARS-CoV-2 variants through this. Moreover,...
tomato flu

Tomato Flu Outbreak In India

The researchers of India are alarmed because of a new disease, which they describe as ‘tomato flu’ or ‘tomato fever’. The flu causes red...
COVID-19 vaccine

Sanofi and GSK Seek FDA Approval for COVID-19 Vaccine

Sanofi and GSK seek regulatory authorization of their COVID-19 vaccine for use as a booster and a two-dose regimen. Despite being the world’s biggest vaccine...